Feed Your Mind And The Rest Will Follow

I often hear about the importance of proper nutrition for my body but I rarely hear about the importance of proper nutrition for my mind.

One day at around 2 pm at work I found myself feeling negative. Like a dark cloud was sitting on my shoulders covering my head and wafting about above me. I thought about my day and I realized it was nothing out of the ordinary. So I wondered, what is different? Answer: I was not listening to uplifting music all day.

I decided to listen to what I’ve been listening to all day. I left my ear buds out and just listened to my thoughts for an hour as I worked. I was shocked. This is some of what I heard:

Oh no, not another email from her! Now what?!
This sucks.
I’m so stupid, why did I do that?
Why can’t I get this freaking thing to add up?

I was listening to negativity for hours! No wonder I felt like crap because that’s what I was listening to. (Side note: I absolutely love my job and this negative self-talk still happened)

I tell my kids kids that I choose to listen to Christian rock music because I hear negativity all around me all the time and this is one thing that I can do to make sure I’m listening to something uplifting that gives me hope. I just never realized that some of that negativity was coming from myself.

My lesson: If I feed my mind positive things, I feel positive and I have a better outlook on life.

The photo & caption is from one of my favorite Christian artists, TobyMac. His music is inspiring, uplifting and shake-your-booty danceble.


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