Feeling stressed or majorly intense? Try adding some fun to your day.

Elmo Confetti

Last week it occurred to me that I can be rather intense. When I set a goal I get focused, like laser beam focused, and I go for it. This, you would think, is a good thing. But I realized that I miss out on some beautiful things along the way. Rather than sprint for my goal with tunnel vision; I’d like to skip there and enjoy what’s around me. The end result is still the same but the process to get there is a little different.

Once this revelation settled, the questions came: “How? How do I change a part of myself that comes so easily? How to I change this pattern in my life?” Then I thought about who embodies fun and being in the present? Elmo. So I decided to do things a little differently and add Elmo to my life.

I started at work. I’ve been feeling a little stressed there as I have a new job and I have a lot to learn. And since I spend most of my time during the day there I thought bringing my Elmo-attitude to work would be a great start. This is what I did: instead of writing with a black pen I chose any other color I could find (in lieu of a big fat crayon). When I found highlighters all insanity broke loose! This one simple action, which would probably go unnoticed to most people, reminds me that I’m working on lightening up. Whenever I use a colored pen or the orange highlighter (watch out!) I think of Elmo and my desire to add more fun to my life.

Is this one thing going to change how I operate? Probably not but this is the first step with more to come. And I believe if I stay consistent and persistent with this things in the future will have to change.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.Dalai Lama

P.S. You HAVE to watch the video link below! It totally reinforces my point! I couldn’t help but smile and laugh!! Seriously!!! Bring some smiles to your today. 😀

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