Losing != Loser


Today my 9-year-old son’s basketball team played in the final four. Four teams tied for first place.  As long as my son has been playing basketball in this league there hasn’t been finals; the teams were just ranked and that’s the end. But since there were four teams tied for first place the association decided that a tie breaker was needed.

In the first game my son’s team lost by one point in the last few minutes. The game was tied near the end of the fourth quarter and one free throw shot made all the difference. It was disappointing for the team and for the families who came out to support the boys and girls of my son’s team.

The two winning teams played off and the two losing teams played off. So my son’s team played the other losing team and they lost AGAIN by one point in the last few minutes. It was crazy! The team was beyond disappointed.

As a parent I wanted them to win. I wanted them to take it all but losing and coming in fourth place in the league isn’t so bad.

Sometimes it’s easy to think that the goal is to win; as it should be if you want to strive to be the best. But losing also comes with its advantages; it forces you to really look at your performance and see where and how you could improve. Losing can bring the competitive spirit to life in remembering to never repeat the same mistake twice.

Winning is good but it’s important to remember the value of not winning, too.

(the photo is from a different game… I was too wrapped up in today’s game to even think about taking a picture!)

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